Your Daily Bread II Available in PAPERBACK!!

Honestly the one biggest “complaint” I’ve had about this book is that it has only been available for Kindle. No more the problem!

Print files are approved and live! It may take a bit of time before Amazon “finds” it and fits it on the site alongside the Kindle version, but this generally happens quickly (I expect by the end of the day, but perhaps up to three).

Keep checking this link or searching the title in Amazon – it’s there even if it doesn’t come up “with” the Kindle edition.

Thanks everyone for your continued patience and patronage!!

UPDATE! This is a link to the paperback product page; it is available for purchase and is ‘in stock’!

2 thoughts on “Your Daily Bread II Available in PAPERBACK!!

  1. Just got your first book on bread; a real hit at home. Made my wife the mulit grain and she loved it! Got to get the second one now. (I think she had a plan getting me the Kitchenaid for Christmas.)

    Happy New Year,
    Richard A. Janushan

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