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  1. Just bought your great book, Your Daily Bread. I have a question concerning type of pan to bake loaves in. Can you use glass or should you use metal?

    Thanks for your help


    • Either is fine; whatever you prefer. Personally, I like metal (cast iron even sometimes – especially in my wood oven). I have, however, also used glass with fine results. For some odd reason, though, if I am going to have an issue with the loaf sticking in the pan, it is always in glass.

      The only thing you might have to watch is baking time. I find that my cast iron pans take much longer to bake. Like an additional 5+ minutes.

      Thank you for your purchase and your response!! Nice hearing from you!

  2. Excellent recipe. On third day made bread pudding from leftover bread. Incredible texture. My husband said the blueberry bread pudding was the best I’d ever made we’ve been married 45 years. So glad I hàve your book. Can’t wait to try other recipes.

  3. I discovered your Daily Bread cookbook on Amazon about 2 months ago and bought 1 for a gift and 1 for myself. I have made 4 different recipes already. Each one was delicious and so easy to make. I have a question: when I made the Six Grain Bread, my bread was slightly ‘airy’ in the center of the loaf. It tasted very good, but why did this happen in the center of the loaf? Did it rise too long? Thank you again for a great book. I just bought your second bread book and can’t wait to start baking!

    • Oh so glad!

      A long rise is the most likely culprit. Also sometimes too much yeast or rising at very warm temps. Once in a while you’ll just get that in a bread anyway, but when it happens to me it’s usually because I got distracted 😉

      Thank you!

  4. Hi Mary,
    I just purchased your book on Your Daily Homemade Bread. I tried the Everyday stand by white bread. It turned out awesome, thank you. the texture was really nice and the flavor also. Everyone really liked it. Today however I tried the 100% Whole Wheat, on page 40 you list the engredents, and then the how to but you did not add the information for the brown sugar. So I figured I would just add it to the flour salt and yeast. It did not rise very well at all it is in the oven now can’t wait to see and try the results. I also have a question when you say 1 1/2 TBS of yeast does that mean just 1 packet. I measured the packet today and it is not 1 1/2 TBS.
    I only used 1 packet to the white bread the other day. It did rise very nicely. but I figured I better measure to make sure so I used 2 packets today. Please help.
    Thank you Stella Pleasant.

    • Hello Stella,

      Thanks for contacting me, and sorry it took so long for me to find this message!

      100% wheat breads can be tricky things. That is why you find so few that don’t actually include white flour along with it. You are right to add the sugar in with the dry ingredients. (I will check those instructions over.) It sounds like your trouble might have been with the yeast measurement, though. One packet is only 2 1/4 teaspoons. There are 3 teaspoons to a tablespoon, so you do need more than one packet. It’s cheapest and easiest to buy your instant yeast by the jar or the vacuum-packed brick (bricks are by far the cheapest and you can freeze the excess until you’re ready for it). Look for “Bread Machine Yeast” in the jar at your grocery store (it’s the same thing as instant yeast). I get Instant from Amazon; this is what I usually order and it works well:

      So I would start by using the full measure of yeast, and then take care with where you rise that bread – warm, no drafts, a bit of patience, and just realize it will never really rise as high as a white bread.

      Good luck and please let me know how it goes!

  5. Hi Mary,
    I just got both of your stand mixer bread rescipe books via Amazon. Just read through the first one and love how you explain things so well for a beginner in bread making. And I love how it will save time!

    I was wondering if you had a recipe to make soft pretzels. I glanced though the second book and did not see one unless I missed it.

    I got the Hamilton Beach stand mixer that has the orbital spin pattern like the Kitchen Aid. It fit my budget better for right now and it works great. ( just baking for two )

    Before I found your book, I ordered the SAF instant yeast and it’s on the way in the one pound box. Do you have an opinion on that brand vs. the Fleischmans or are they pretty much the same?

    Warmest regards!


    • Hi Sherri,

      I like the results best from Fleischmann’s, but I also have used SAF with good results (I find Fleischmann’s just a little more reliable). At any rate, plenty of people love SAF and I wouldn’t throw it away! Often it depends on where I am and what is available. It should work just fine for you.

      As for pretzels, I have been playing with a recipe. I’ll see what I can come up with for you.

      Congrats on the Hamilton Beach (so much more affordable!). I’d be interested to hear how you like it going forward. Feel free to pop back and let us know!

      Thanks for reaching out!

  6. I purchased the Volume I Book, Daily Homemade Bread. I never baked bread before, and, as you even stated in the book, I had to experiment a bit to have a good finished product. I tried various tips and tricks that were noted in the book and I now make all the bread that our family consumes. It is easy, delicious, no preservatives and I found the recipes, tips and recommendations in the book to be very easy to understand and follow. I love baking bread for my family.

    I attempted to purchase your Volume II, but found that it only is available in a kindle version. I like being able to have the book and use the recipes right out of the book. I have actually never used a kindle. Is your volume II available anywhere in a printed edition?

    • Hello Cindy,

      That’s wonderful! I’m so glad you were able to teach yourself with the book! How exciting!

      The second volume is in the process of being formatted for print. I agree, I still like my recipe books on-hand in paper. I’ll announce it here on the site when it is available.

      Thanks a lot!

  7. In your Daily Homemade Bread book, you use the term “loaf pan,” without specifying whether the pan is 8 1/2″ x 4 1/2″ or 9″ x 5.” My loaf pans are 9″ x 5.” Please tell me which size pan is used in your recipes. If the smaller pan, can you tell me how to scale up your recipes? I am a senior living in a retirement community and baking low-sodium bread for my wife and myself. I purchased your book and am anxious to try your recipes. Many thanks for your fine book. Best regards, Joe

  8. I just bought both the Make ahead mixes book and the pdf for the labels. Only I never received the link for the labels. Could you help?

  9. What size loaf pans do I want to get? My local source has three sizes! Who would guess that? The one I have is smaller compared to the daily loaves I buy at the store which are 1.5lb loaves measuring 5″wide by 8-8.5″ long. The recipes in the book are for two loaves. Are these “1 lb.” or “1.5 lb” loaves dimensionally?
    Nancy D.

    PS. I do not have a website- just an almost retired mother revisiting her former love of baking.

    • Your typical 9×5 pan is what the recipes are based on, but you can use anything that’s close…they just may not rise quite as high in a larger pan, but I’m sure it will all work out!

      Good luck and thanks for reading!

  10. I just received the Easy Stand Mixer Bread Recipes book. I’m not sure how to to shape the dough for the loaf pan. Do I pat it into a rectangle and fold it to fit as in traditional recipes or just do a rough shaping and plop it into the loaf pan?

    I usually measure flour by weight, either grams or ounces. Any guidance on the correct weight of a cup of the various flour for your recipes?

    • The doughs are very forgiving. I like them best when I pat out the dough and roll it up, but I’ve done it with just a quick form by hand, too, depending on my time and mood!

      The general measure is 4.25 ounces or 120 grams for each cup of flour used.

      Thanks for reading! Enjoy!

  11. Hello, I to bought the book on kindle Make Ahead Mixes, and I just love it ! I would also like to get the pdf files how do I do that ? Thank you so much.

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