Welcome! Here’s A Bit About Me….

Of course the first order of business is to welcome you to my new site. So,


Homesteading and Self SufficiencyThe second order is to introduce myself and to let you all get to know a little about me, who I am, and why (I think) I’m worth following.  I’ve actually written an entire page about this, so I really will not get too far into it here, but let me give you the short story.

I’m a New England country girl who grew up on a dairy farm in Massachusetts, and now live on a small 3-acre “homestead” farm in the same state (different town). Although I balked at aspects of the work and farming life as a youngster who had better things to do, today I am very grateful for that upbringing and my husband and I (and yes our kids, too) have worked to find ways to incorporate homesteading and self sufficient living into our everyday, modern lives. I doubt we’d be considered as “modern” as many others out there and believe me, to us that is no insult. We take great pride and enjoyment in the lifestyle we’ve achieved and continue to work toward, and I hope to share a lot of our tips, tricks, journey, practices, and thoughts here on this site.

Similarly, I pass no judgement on those who do not choose our lifestyle, but I also think there are many people, not unlike us, who would like to find some way to make self sufficient homesteading or something closer to it more a part of their lives. We’ve been through many stages along our journey, and that is why this site is here–to help anyone who wants to find what works for them, to the degree and level of self sufficiency that is right for you.

This site will be about many things: the many different aspects of homesteading, the varieties of possibilities, the ways that you can incorporate small-scale self-sufficiency into your daily life despite modern pressures and demands upon it. It is also about raising a family, values, and ways to meet a budget. In many ways those topics become discussions about reduction of waste, greener, cleaner, living, and much more.

So I welcome you to my site and I am glad to have you here. I am more than open to your comments, questions, requests for information on specific topics, and respectful contact. If you would like to know a little bit more about me and mine and an overview of how we live, I invite you to visit the About Us page.

Thanks for your time and please come back often!